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The Surfing Podcast
Racism In The Lineup & Death By Stingray

Episode 9

On this episode of The Surfing Podcast our host discusses his biggest fear in surfing, stretching techniques for better surfing, and surf racism.

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Death By Stingray - The Surfing Podcast Ep 9

Here’s a link to the article mentioned in this episode featuring the 5 Stretches To Combat Lower Back Pain.

Be sure to consult a doctor before stretching, surfing, or doing anything else that might harm, maim or kill you.

Or, might make you think it’s okay to wear yoga clothes like its no big deal and those are just the kind of clothes that it’s fine to run errands in. (Because it’s not.)

Couples Yoga Is Stupid


Have you ever experienced (or been a victim of racism) in the surfing lineup or at a surf spot in general?

If so, please share your experience in a comment below or on our Facebook page.


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Death By Stingray And Surf Racism – Ep. 9 – The Surfing Podcast

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