Pro surfer Sebastian Zietz lives the best possible life. Here’s the latest video evidence of this from his surfing web series Happily Stoked Episode 2, Wild Wild West.

Seabass and friends Jay Davies, Jack Robinson, Josh Kerr, Jack Freestone, Felipe Toledo, Ryan Callinan, John Florence, Joel Parkinson and Jacob Wilcox boost, spin and get barreled all over West and Southwest Australia in this clip.

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Which sounds fun but also completely nerve-wracking. Because it’s got to be a ton of pressure to surf around the best surfers on the planet trying to not only get a wave to yourself but also a usable piece of footage for your surfing lifestyle video blog.

Not only does Seabass compete and do well on the WSL’s championship surf tour, but he also takes time to get filmed before, during and after the contests surfing and screwing around in order to be able to put out regular installments of his surf clip series Happily Stoked.

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Seabass & Friends Take Over West Oz – Happily Stoked Ep. 2

Surfer Sebastaian Zietz Sebass Happily Stoked Ep 2 Wild Wild West Australia

Seabass & Friends Take Over West Oz – Happily Stoked Ep. 2

A lot of surf lifestyle video clip stuff pro surfers put out comes off pretty forced and lame.

Like their video guy and team manager forced them to stand next to a wall in a Mexican or Moroccan village holding an (empty) vintage film camera and wearing their sponsor’s latest pair of hideous and ridiculously overpriced sunglasses while looking cool.

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And it usually doesn’t and sends you scrubbing through your timeline bar past the first two minutes of this filler garbage.

But Seabass and his video team do a great job inter-cutting between him goofily dancing in snowboard goggles at the beach and catching the smallest fish to ever bite a hook with footage of good (or at least really fun looking) waves and some best contest and free surfers in the world doing things most surfers can only do while fingerboarding or playing with one of their little brother’s Lego men taking on a rolled piece of blue construction paper.

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Surfer Sebastaian Zietz Sebass Happily Stoked Ep 2 Wild Wild West Australia

This new surf clip from Sebastian Zietz is packed with good music, great surfing and tons of fun times.

Kind of makes you wish your local break wasn’t two-foot, blown out and filled with barnies/jellyfish/etc. right now doesn’t it?

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