The Surfing Podcast
The Surfing Podcast
Surf Etiquette Part 1, Surfing Subreddit Is Crazy, SUP Hitler

Episode 16

On this episode of The Surfing Podcast we discuss Surf Etiquette (Part 1), how the surfing subreddit is crazy, SUP Hitler & more.

The Surfing Podcast features discussions about and interviews with surfers about, you guessed it, surfing.

This episode was recorded at The Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach, California.

The Surfing Podcast is hosted by Dan Bialek.

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Here’s the link to the video discussed on this episode of the show: via Facebook or Instagram.

Here’s the /surfing subreddit post where people call me tons of fun and/or mean names.

Here are some surf etiquette signs similar to the one discussed on this episode. (I couldn’t find a pic online of the one posted at the top of the trail at Rincon.)