The Surfing Podcast
The Surfing Podcast
Surf Boners, COVID-19, Wave Pool Money Making Schemes

Episode 21

On this episode of The Surfing Podcast we surf boners, surfing during the COVID-19 outbreak, wave pool money making schemes and a ton of other goofy, surfing related topics.

The Surfing Podcast features discussions about and interviews with surfers about, you guessed it, surfing.

This episode was recorded at The Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach, California.

The Surfing Podcast is hosted by Dan Bialek.

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Here are links the videos discussed on this episode:

Dane Reynolds Stab in The Dark video discussing surf lineup hierarchy – Dane Reynolds on lineup hierarchy and the plateau of modern surfboard design

The Julian Wilson Red Bull 720 attempt video – Julian Wilson – Attempting World’s First 720 – La RĂ©union

The Julian Wilson Boardslide video – Julian Wilson Turns A Wave Pool Into A Surfing Skatepark | The Rail Project

The Kanoa Igarashi Stephanie Gilmore Red Bull Episode On Losing In Europe – Life Inside The World Tour Pressure Cooker With Kanoa Igarashi And Steph Gilmore

Hawaiian surfer Flynn Novak doing surfing’s first backflip – Flynn Novak – Flynnstone Flip

Aaron Cormican’s Gorkin Flip – …Lost’s Greatest Hits: The Gorkin Flip—Aaron Cormican in “The Decline”


Surfers at the Huntington Beach pier not getting what “social distancing” actually means.