The Online Surfing Contest

Presented by The Surfing Podcast

We’re putting on an online surfing contest.

Here’s how it works:

1. Get a clip of yourself surfing (either from a Surfline Cam Rewind, video camera, cellphone, drone, etc.). It should be a clip of you riding one single wave. No intro or outro parts. No music. No voiceover. No sound effects. No titles. No watermark. Just a plain video clip of you riding one wave.

2. Upload this clip to your Instagram account and tag @thesurfingpodcast. Make sure your account is not set to “private” because we’ll need to be able to view and copy your video for you to compete.

3. Use the form below to send us your name, email address and the URL of Instagram clip of your wave.

10 + 7 =

Once we get a good batch of clips we’ll load them onto our Instagram account and start the contest.

We will send you an email and tag you in your respective clip once this happens.

The clip that gets the most Instagram likes in a two-week period will receive $25 cash via Paypal or Venmo.

We’ll try to include as many clips in this round of the contest as possible. It’s at our discretion how many and which clips we accept. But we will attempt to be as fair and include as many people as possible.

Clips must be you actually surfing. Not a celebrity, not some random kook, not a clip from a surf film.

This contest is mainly just for fun and to show off our great listeners from all over the world – but we really will be awarding $25 to the winner.

So, get out there rip it up, get your clip and send it in.

Thank you.