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Santa Cruz’s Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos pulls what looks like the first above-the-lip surfing kickflip.

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Surfing Podcast - Zoltan Torkos First Above Lip Surfing Kickflip Volcom

Zoltan Torkos -The First Above-The-Lip Surfing Kickflip?

Back in 2011 Santa Cruz surfer (and accomplished magician) Zoltan Torkos pulled off a surfing kickflip and was awarded $10,000 by surf company Volcom, after a slight bit of controversy.

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Surfing Podcast - Zoltan Torkos First Above Lip Surfing Kickflip Volcom

Some of Zoltan’s previous fancy kickflipping footwork.

Things ended amicably between the aquatic trickster and the Orange County based boardsport clothing giant, so much so that Volcom said they’d award Torkos an additional $20,000 if he could land an above-the-lip kickflip and catch it on video as proof.

Torkos accepted the challenge and has been working diligently ever since to achieve his dream of pulling off the first above-the-lip surfing kickflip in history.

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Well, it looks like Zoltan Torkos’ $20,000 payda has arrived.

Watch this YouTube clip of Zoltan “The Magician” Torkos pulling off the first-ever abovel-the-lip surfing kickflip.

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Zoltan Torkos -The First Above-The-Lip Surfing Kickflip?

Is it legit?

Does Volcom owe him grand?

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Here are some other clips of Zoltan Torkos and fancy surfing antics:

Zoltan Torkos – Two Surfing Kickflips On One Wave

Zoltan Torkos – First Surfing Darkslide Trick Ever Pulled

Zoltan Torkos – The Story Behind The First Kickflip In Surfing History

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