The Surfing Podcast
The Surfing Podcast
How To Stay Stoked When Your New Homebreak Sucks, Kelly Slater's Awful Reality Show Idea & Another Embarrassing Surf Rage Story

Episode 18

On this episode of The Surfing Podcast we discuss how to stay stoked on surfing when your new homebreak sucks and you start to become an adult. Also, have you heard about Kelly Slater’s new idea for a surfing reality show that just sold? Jesus, it sounds awful. And, we’ve (sadly) got another installment of Embarrassing Surf Rage Stories.

The Surfing Podcast features discussions about and interviews with surfers about, you guessed it, surfing.

This episode was recorded at The Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach, California.

The Surfing Podcast is hosted by Dan Bialek.

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