The Surfing Podcast
The Surfing Podcast
Best Boards For Summer, How To Score On Craigslist & RV Surf Trips

Episode 23

On this episode of The Surfing Podcast we discuss the best surfboards for summer waves, how to score the best surf gear deals on Craigslist, and RV surf trips.

The Surfing Podcast features discussions about and interviews with surfers about, you guessed it, surfing.

This episode was recorded at The Amazing Comedy Theater in Huntington Beach, California.

The Surfing Podcast is hosted by Dan Bialek.

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Here are links to some of the summer surfboard models mentioned in this episode:

Channel Islands “New Flyer” model

Channel Islands “Neck Beard 2” model

Channel Islands “Fishbeard” model

Channel Islands “Rocket Wide” model

Channel Islands “Average Joe” model

Lost Surfboards “Hydra” model

Lost Surfboards “Rocket Redux” model

Lost Surfboards “Rad Ripper” model

Lost Surfboards “California Twin” model

Lost Surfboards “RNF Redux” model

Lost Surfboards “Puddle Fish” model

Stamps Surfboards “Quantum Quad” model

Stamps Surfboards “Banjo Fish” model

Stamps Surfboards “FX Model”

Rob Machado Firewire Surfboards “Seaside” model

Here are some links to the “Chad Goes Deep” comedy videos:

Chad Goes Deep on Instagram

Chad Goes Deep on YouTube

Lake Huntington Beach doing its regular mid-July thing this week.